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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Why are you interested in True Reflections?

  1. I want to learn which colors I should wear

  2. I want to look professional in my career

  3. I’m tired of spending money on clothes that I regret later

  4. My closet is full, yet I feel like I have nothing to wear

  5. Some women always look so pulled together, I want to be that person!

  6. I can’t find clothes to fit my body!

  7. I want to look good, but I hate to shop

  8. My closet is a mess - it takes me way too long to get dressed in the morning

  9. I don’t like my _____ (hips, bust, waist, legs, arms, etc.)

  10. I look and feel old, what can I do about that?

  11. I look young for my age. I want to be taken seriously at work

  12. I want to start dating, and find romance

  13. I love new fashions - how do I look up-to-date, yet age-appropriate?

  14. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes - how can I always look good?

If you are seeking answers to one or all of the above, fill out the contact form to get your questions answered.

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