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Why get your colors done?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Look attractive, healthy and rested in your best colors.

Learn which colors flatter you the most

Learn which colors to avoid to not appear sickly or tired

Learn how to wear your colors to bring out your best features.

Make shopping easy and fun.

Eliminate wasted time looking at everything on a rack; go right to your best colors.

Learn how to put your colors together to create capsule wardrobes for your lifestyle

Learn which are your basic colors upon which to build your wardrobe.

Make your wardrobe dollar stretch by including “basics” which allow you to mix and match with your fun pieces.

What do you wear to appear more authoritative?

What do you wear to appear more relaxed and relatable?

How can you get someone to focus on you more?

How can you use color to look slimmer?

How can I use color to look taller?

How can you mix different prints and still look pulled together?

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