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Md Delwar Hossain
May 11, 2022
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Following Pinduoduo’s “factory fight”, Alibaba launched the “Tiantian Factory” plan, and more than 2,000 factories joined Special Database the supply-side upgrade plan; also launched the “Factory Direct Premium” plan to continue to promote the integration of industrial chain resources and realize the supply chain scale effect. 4. Aggregate users and reduce customer acquisition costs Not only can resources be centralized on the production side, but scale Special Database effects can also be achieved on the user side. "Joint Group" is the best case. "Group together" first appeared in the tourism industry. Travel agencies put individual travelers together to form groups to enjoy low travel prices. Today, group grouping has been played by e-commerce companies. It promotes Special Database the spontaneous dissemination of participants through the rapid fission of decentralization, which can be called a marketing artifact. Participants can enjoy low prices by inviting a predetermined number of people to buy within the specified time. Taking Jingxi as Special Database an example, it is currently mainly a 2-person group mode. Jingxi users have two choices, one is to actively start a group, and the other is to participate in the group. If the grouping is not successful, the system will return the paid amount. Today, when online traffic is so expensive, social e-commerce models such as grouping can quickly and accurately gather a large number of users. For each additional user acquired, the less commodity cost Special Database is allocated to each user, thereby promoting the possibility of lower prices. Looking at Jingxi, Pinduoduo, Costco, Xiaomi and other companies that pursue the ultimate cost-effectiveness, their method of achieving low cost is to achieve scale—— Focus on products and achieve order scale; Integrate the industrial chain to achieve large-scale production; Centralize Special Database users to achieve large-scale procurement. Behind the ultra-low price, it can't just rely on the carnival of capital, and it can't be at the expense of quality.

Md Delwar Hossain

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