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Farhad Babu
Jul 16, 2022
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Help maintain better seo (search engine optimization) create a common knowledge group what is the w3c? The world wide web consortium (w3c) is an international community where member organizations work together to develop web standards. This consortium promotes the use of standards to reduce the cost and complexity of development, as well as to increase the accessibility and viability of any document published on the web. W3c current browsers (google chrome, mozilla firefox, microsoft edge, opera or safari) have a serious commitment to web standards. However, there are still different interpretations that imply different behaviors against the same specification. Common use of web standards when a web site or page is described as compliant with certain web standards, it usually means that e commerce photo editing service the page has valid or nearly valid html, css, xml, and javascript parts . The html part must also comply with certain accessibility and semantic guidelines. Some of the fundamental publications to follow for a correct use of web standards are: recommendations for markup languages, such as hypertext markup language (html), extensible hypertext markup language (xhtml), scalable vector graphics (svg), and xforms, from the w3c. Recommendations for style sheets, especially cascading style sheets (css), from the w3c. Standards for ecmascript, more commonly javascript, from ecma international. Recommendations for document object models (dom), from w3c. Correctly formed page names and addresses and other resources referenced from their (uris), based on rfc 2396, from ietf8 the appropriate use of the http and mime protocols to display the page, return data, request other resources referenced to it, based on rfc 2616, from ietf9 the w3c organization's work toward a semantic web is currently focused on publications related to the resource description framework (rdf), gleaning resource descriptions from dialects of languages ​​(grddl), and the web ontology language (owl).
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Farhad Babu

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